✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Friday  +  January 12
12:10pm Mass

Our Lady of Black Rock 3,4 &5 graders choir joined us for Mass and to learn about the crèche. Their visit was also to thank our parish for the gifts provided for them through the Advent Giving Tree.  Mary Lou Wyrobek is their teacher and choir leader. Mrs Martha Eadie is their principal.

✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

SATURDAY + January 6, 2018
5:15pm Mass


Celebration & Blessing
of the
Restored Stained Glass Windows
& Dedication of
the Illuminated St Michael's Bell Tower


Blessing of the Stained Glass Window
Dedication Plaques

St Peter Canisius  ✜  Mr & Mrs Anthony Colucci

The Baptism of Christ  ✜  The Paul J Koessler Foundation

The Call of Peter & Andrew  ✜  The Kavanaugh Family

The Wedding at Cana  ✜  Mr & Mrs Richard NeiI

The Storm at Sea  ✜  Mr & Mrs Joseph Basil

The Multiplication of the Loaves & Fishes  ✜  Mrs Patricia Van Dyke

The Annunciation  ✜  The Grimm Family

The Nativity  ✜  Mr & Mrs Eugene Vukelic

The Angels Announce the Birth of Jesus to the Shepherds
The William J Conners III
& Barbara S Conners
   Charitable Foundation

The Epiphany  ✜  Mr & Mrs David Dooley

Jesus is Found in the Temple  ✜  Mr & Mrs Lawrence Quinn

Window to be Selected  ✜  Mr Alfred Luhr III

St Ignatius Loyola Window
Commemorating St Michael’s Jesuit History

Mr & Mrs Beecher
Mr & Mrs Paul Bauer
Mr & Mrs Herbert Sturm
Mr & Mrs Joseph Rutowski
Mr & Mrs John Hurley
The Honorable & Mrs CarI Bucki
Mr & Mrs Richard Penfold
Mr & Mrs Richard Schieb
The Honorable Mary Grace Diehl
The Lawley Family (in honor of their Jesuit School
Graduates, William, Mark, Michael, Jack & William Jr)
Ms. Nancy Ware
The Habib Family Foundation
Ms Christine CarroII Licata-Culhane &
Ms Josita. CarroII Boyrsko
Mr & Mrs John Tomczak
Dr & Mrs Robert Sipple
Dr & Mrs James Slough
The Honorable & Mrs Lawrence Vilardo
Mr & Mrs George Eberl
Mr & Mrs Richard Griffin
Mr & Mrs Anthony Masiello
Mr & Mrs Gary Crosby
Mrs Barbara Bartels
Ms Cynthia Vance
Ms Karen Utz
Mr & Mrs Donald Sendor
Mr Mark Stark
Mr & Mrs Ronald Tanski


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

SATURDAY + December 2

The Christmas Craft Show & Advent Gathering.

✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

WEDNESDAY + November 22

The Mayor's Office proclaimed the day St Michael Illumination.
That evening Mayor Brown read the proclamation as the new lighting for the Bell Tower & Cupola was tested for the first time.
The Official Lighting will take place on
Saturday, January 6th, the feast of the Epiphany.


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

FRIDAY + IGNITE 2 + November 3

✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜


Hannah Ryan’s watercolor for All Souls Day of the Dead
Our candle remembrance
Sr. Johnice gave her reflections
Susan Siuta played the harp


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

SUNDAY  7:00pm MASS + October 29

James & George Burnett & some of the string quartet musicians
Veronica & Joe Fisher enjoy donuts after Mass


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜


Work has finally begun on replacing the roof of the Parish Hall.
Some interior plaster work will also be done to repair water damage.

Lighting is being installed to illuminate the Cupola on the Church Steeple.   

Our new Ambry for the Holy Oils in the Baptistry.

✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

CHIAVETTA'S + September 28

Once again Chiavettas BBQ Chicken was a hit!
Special thanks to our volunteers for dishing it out!
We had a special treat -- doughnuts care of Paula's!


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜


All of the terrazzo in the church was scrubbed & polished! It's amazing how bright it looks! Thanks to the volunteers who worked so long & hard so that there would be as little inconvenience to worshippers as possible.

Special Thanks go out to

       Dan Blake           Ed Corr            Tom Coyne
           Greg Flammer          Joe Galanti            Colleen Insalaco
Stanley Kordylewski     Jessica Kreuzer     John Luger
                      Joe Micca               Joyce Persico             John Tomczak     
Maureen Tomczak        Grace Tomczak            Jim Vause
       Mary Kate Vause        Sr. Jenny Wison RSM        Minnie Wyse

(supplies from Corr company)


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜


Today was the Give Back Day Of Service sponsored by Diocesan Office of Young Adult Ministry. We took part and had parishioner Hannah Ryan included. I also organized a group to help us as part of the day.  Five volunteers came and spent the morning cleaning parts of the church that never see a dust rag or broom. Biggest job was the cleaning of the huge window ledges and confessionals. They also cleaned our statues, stations, altars, altar rails. Upper entrance windows, and the whole sacristy ceiling. Good bye spider webs!! 

We were blessed to be one of the ten service sites. The group loved being w us and many of our morning worshippers expressed their gratitude as well. 

We then joined the whole group at the Hotel Lafayette for the luncheon. Fr Fred Betti SJ was asked to offer the blessing and speak about our ministry at St. Michael's. One Jesuit Buffalo was also present. Good relations with diocese and with other ministry groups!  

✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Recent Work + July 2017

Work continues on the exterior of the Stained Glass windows
on the North side of the Church.

Our new illuminated sign has finally arrived.


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Garden Mass + 25 June 2017

A Garden Mass for the Saint Michael’s Sunday 7:00pm Mass.
Over eighty people joined us for mass in the garden of the sisters convent at Rainbow K School for the last mass before our Summer hiatus.

The 7:00pm Mass will return in September.

✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Parish Gala Dinner + 24 June 2017

We had our party! We wanted to honor Stanley Kordylewski
for his many years of service as Sacristan here at Saint Michael's.
There was be a sit down dinner with entertainment.

✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Pentecost 4 June 2017

A Mass in Honor of Divine Mercy andHymn to St. Michael the Archangel composed by David Butler were premiered at the Noon Mass on Pentecost Sunday at St. Michael Church. Mr. Butler, a well known WNY musician and teacher, arranged and conducted the scores of his original works for voice, strings, piano and congregation. He was assisted by Mr Jim McNeill, Mrs. Colleen Mazella and the Burnett String Ensemble. Rev. Benjamin Fiore, SJ, Pastor, presided and preached at the Mass.

Mr. Butler has been involved in Ignatian retreats, spiritual development and prayer groups for many years which provided inspiration for his work. He wrote the Hymn to St. Michael in part as a tribute to Jesuits who have guided him. He arranged the original Mass score to suit a smaller vocal group w strings but hopes to offer a full scale version with choir and orchestra in the near future.

The Festive theme of Pentecost was a fitting setting for the premiere, offering a liturgy of unique harmonies and joyful sounds. A large congregation of parishioners as well as students, family and fellow musicians of Mr. Butler filled the historic church for Mass as well as a reception


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Good Friday 13 April 2017

The Seven Last Words
presented by
Rev Joseph Burke SJ


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Holy Thursday 13 April 2017


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Spy Wednesday 12 April 2017

The Sorrowful Mysteries
presented by

Quiet Waters Ministries

You may view an album of photos by clicking on this link.

✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Saturday 18 March 2017

Saint Joseph's Table

It was quite the event! Over a hundred attended the celebration!
We'd like to thank

the Planning Committee :
Father Ben Fiore SJ           Gary Munschauer
John & Sue Hall                     Joyce Persico
Mary Ann Joyce                  Mary Sulliven
Mary Ellen Walsh

Day of event Volunteers:
Marie Christopher              Mary Ann Joyce
Mike and Marie Clark     Liz Keane     
Brendan Thomas Cody   Larry Patti     
Father Ben Fiore SJ               Joyce Persico        
John and Sue Hall            Mary Sullivan
    Mary Ellen Walsh

Donations :

Michael Ross Nugent (vocalist)

Allison Cavelli , Pastry Chef
Cakes by Allison
Birthday Cakes & Cup Cakes
Wedding Cakes     Specialty Desserts
Holiday Cookies     Pastries

Di Camillos Bakery
The finest Italian Gourmet Bakery since 1920
5329 Main Street
Williamsville NY 14221

Luigi’s Family Bakery
Fine Italian Bread & Pastries
83 Forest Avenue
Buffalo NY 14213

Tarantino Foods
530 Bailey Avenue
Buffalo NY 14206

Tops Super Market
Niagara Street

Linda & Jeff Jack●  Hunt Mortgage

✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Sunday 8 January 2017

Epiphany -- Feast of the Three Kings

The Guzman family served as our kings. Ned Leslie was our camel and Mary Leslie performed as Befana, the Italian Christmas witch. Parishioners received gifts from the kings thru kindness of Sr. Johnice and the Response to Love Center.


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Thursday 22 December 2016

Away in the Manger: Customs to Celebrate Jesus’s Birth
        Prayer Service & Reflection on traditions of the Nativity scene
        with music by Lyn Rezabek and students

✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Monday 5 December 2016

Preparing for the holidays! Some of the members of our Meeting Christ in Prayer groups decided to help spruce up the church by giving the pews a well-needed clean-up. Ahhh . . . the wonderful scent of Murphy's Soap! Fr Kamiensky orchestrating the placement of our two new Christmas Windows.

✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

Advent Thursday 1 December 2016

Advent 2016 has started with Sr. Mary Johnice talking about her experience first meeting and breaking bread with Saint Teresa of Kolkata in the summer of 1985. That meeting sparked the desire for Sister Johnice to start the Response to Love Center. Sister Johnice asked Mother Teresa if she could go to Kolkata to learn to work with the poor, Mother Teresa simply said no. Mother Teresa told Sister Johnice to go back to the East Side of Buffalo and find her own Kolkata, find the poor and look into their eyes; there you will find Jesus that was more than 30 years ago.

Sister Johnice talked about her challenges and successes in starting and running the mission at Response to Love Center. But the advice of Mother Teresa kept Sister Johnice inspired “to do small things with great love.”


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

St. Michaels has a set of beautiful majestic pine trees that are over 38 feet tall located on both the north and south side of our campus. This year we arranged to donate one of the trees to the City of Buffalo for its official Christmas Tree. Fr. Ben Fiore, Pastor, and Fr. Ron Sams negotiated the donation with Buffalo Place Executive Director Michael Schmand. The tree is placed in Fountain Plaza, a centerpiece of the downtown business and entertainment district, right next to Rotary Ice Rink.
The donated tree posed a unique challenge since it was located in the rectory garden which is enclosed by a cloister wall which has no street accessible gate. Buffalo Place arranged for a crane to lift the tree over the wall after being cut by a skilled arborist from Cerrone Company.
On November 22nd the tree was successfully cut and moved to the Plaza. The official lighting of the tree will take place on Saturday December 3rd, which is also the Feast of St. Francis Xavier.


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

November 5 -- St Michael's welcomes "Brendan's Voyage"
at the 5:00pm Mass. The group includes students from
Our Lady of Charity Parish & St Joseph's University School.
Ms Lyn Rezabek is the director of this choral group of children.
Here are some candids.

✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

October 13 -- CHIAVETTA'S BBQ Chicken -- another big hit!
Here are some candids.

September 25 -- An Evening of Healing Concert for the Soul with Tenor vocalist Cory James Gallagher & Writer-Poet Amy Gallagher.


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜

On Sunday August 14th we had a Liturgy/Blessing for college bound students followed by a small reception. Fr Fred Betti presided. Fr Fiore gets a chance to chat with some of the parishioners at the reception.


✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜



✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜   ✜