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Saint Michael Church has been a spiritual anchor for Downtown Buffalo as numerous individuals and families find spiritual nourishment in this peaceful place of Catholic worship.


By giving to St. Michael’s, you will be helping to spread the Word of God
by supporting critical operating functions, and overall,
ensuring the Church provides a sacred spiritual experience to our community.

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The continuance of the Lord's work should be in your future plans.
A good way to ensure this is to remember Saint Michael Church
and the Jesuit Fathers in your will.
Please discuss this with your financial advisor.
We pray now for our future benefactors.

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To make a gift by mail, checks can be made payable to St. Michael Church and mailed to:

St. Michael Church / 651 Washington Street / Buffalo, New York 14203

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You may also make a donation through PayPal.

PayPal is an extremely safe & reliable way to make a donation.
They accept all the major credit cards.
Just click the button below.